Celebration of Fall Colours

The Botanical Gardens of Bratislava are one of my favourite “relax spots” in the city. Despite the location being quite close to the freeway you can enjoy a silent and relaxing atmosphere mostly thank to the strong noise protection offered by the trees.

Located almost on the bank of the Danube river, my favorite attraction is the Rose Garden where you can enjoy more than a hundred different rose species. However I thought of enjoying a last visit just shy of the closing season (November to March) to check the fall colours in all their splendor.


The Northern Path

Following the semic-circular path from the entrance it was time to scoop a tele-shot catching an absolute mess of colored leafs and branches


Red, Yellow and Green

Proceeding toward the central part of the gardens, you’ll find a small (and extremely slippery!) path leading to a sort of stone garden: here red is the dominant color.


The Stone Garden

On my way to the lower part of the Gardens.


Yellows and Greens

A small leaf-covered stairways leads the path to the Pond


Stairs covered in foliage

The lowest part of the Gardens, a nice pond where all trees reflect thir colours nicely.


The Pond


The Pond


To conclude here’s a last picture taken…in my own garden: sometimes you don’t even need to move to find great fall colors!


My garden

For additional information about the Botanical Gardens you can click here for the official website and here for some additional information (both in Slovak language).

All pictures were taken through a Nikon D7000 and a 10 year old Nikkor Zoom lens and later processed in DxO Optics: they’re super sharp but I somehow lost it all due to the resizing. I’ll learn my way around it, I promise.

I hope you enjoyed, ciao!